In legend, Medusa had snakes for hair and would turn you to stone if you looked at her. Bruz Medusa is a deep amber Quadrupel Ale with a highly complex flavor profile.

Six malts, two brewing sugars and a Trappist yeast
create a malty full-bodied brew with notes of plums,
grapes, raisins, brown sugar and a hint of chocolate. Rich sweetness gives way to a long, dry finish with layers of fruit and subtle spice.

Let the cold winds blow! Sit back with a glass of
Medusa and don’t worry . . . It won’t turn you to stone!

APPEARANCE: Deep mahogany brown with ruby highlights

ABV: 10.0%

IBUs: 35

AVAILABILITY: Limited release – Fall

FOOD PAIRINGS: Grilled and roasted meats, hearty soups and stews, strong-flavored (especially
blue) cheeses