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Hop is Our Co-Pilot is a collaboration with FlyteCo Brewing and a salute to the hop harvest. We started with a spicy Saison and then flew to Paonia, Colorado to get a load of fresh-picked Chinook hops from the High Wire Hops farm. We rushed them back to Denver to go straight into the brew kettle. You won't find a fresher wet hop beer anywhere!

Low ABV and light-bodied, a dry finish which bursts with flavor. Rustic, complex yeast profile. Estery aroma and a hint of spiciness. CTZ hops in the kettle provide a nice hop backbone, while fresh hops in the whirlpool and dry hopping in the fermenter provide an aroma of both citrus and earthiness.


APPEARANCE: Slightly hazy deep golden orange color with a white head

COLOR: Deep golden orange


FOOD PAIRINGS:  Hop Is My Co-Pilot Saison is perfectly suited to any type of spicy foods – including Indian, Mexican, Thai or Cajun. It also pairs great with poultry, fish, pork and creamy cheeses.