The Joke’s on You ~ but only if you don’t come out & join the hilarity at 4:00pm March 31st in the microbrewery Bruz Beers!

Seriously, Safonia is singing music that will amuse, celebrate mirth, smack your funny bone, make you guffaw and encourage you to celebrate the joy of living. All in the informal setting of a brewery at 67th & Pecos.

Most genres of music have double entendre, or word play or actual jokes embedded in a subset of their music ~ choral music is no exception. Our concert focuses on the lighter side of choral music with some solos & select small groups sprinkled in .

Non-alcoholic beverages are available, as well as a food truck to help fuel your mirth.
We request a donation of $15-$20 to support Safonia in making merry!