As the name implies, the beer resembles a fine Champagne, although many critics consider Biere Brut to be “far more interesting.” Brut La Grande is a pale straw color with a dense moussey white head that leaves layers of “Belgian lace” on the glass. Its perfumy aroma yields notes of apricots, allspice, black pepper and a touch of lemon. Its complex flavor profile hints at apples, peaches, vanilla, ginger and exotic spices. Brut La Grande is light and airy with a silky mouthfeel, creamy pinpoint carbonation and a complex, spicy, bone-dry finish. Every sip is a celebration!


APPEARANCE: Pale with dense moussey head

ABV: 10.6%


FOOD PAIRINGS: Brut La Grande pairs well with seafood, especially shellfish and a variety of vegetables, cheeses and fruit. Enjoy it with Chèvre cheese and Belgian chocolate. 


Limited edition 750ml cork caged bottle for purchase in taproom
*Limited time only*