Bruz offers a variety of beer to take home when you are on the go! Enjoy any beer or kombucha on tap in a crowler. We also do growler fills. Limited release 750ml bottles are available while in stock. Stop by the taproom for the latest releases!


King Quad

Limited Bottle Release
750 ml
10.2 % ABV.
Available for purchase in taproom (while supplies last)

King Quad is a big, classic Belgian-style quadrupel in the Trappist tradition.

The King is deeply rich with a spicy aroma and notes of dark bread, caramel, chocolate plums and dried fruit. Three Belgian yeasts contribute to the huge complexity of this very special brew. 

This limited edition bottle release is excellent to enjoy now or bottle age for future enjoyment.






Any beer on tap

32 ounces
Prices vary by beer style
Available for purchase in taproom


2 year anniversary release
drunken monkey quadrupel

Limited Bottle Release
750 ml
10.4 % ABV.
Available for purchase in taproom (while supplies last)

Drunken Monkey Quad is a big Belgian-style Quadrupel aged in whiskey barrels from Rocker Spirits in Littleton, Colorado. It is dark, rich and malty with flavors of fall fruits, caramelized sugar and chocolate.

Its oak and whiskey notes add a depth of complexity to this flavorful brew. Drunken Monkey Quad is smooth and very drinkable – despite its hefty alcohol.

Extremely limited quantity (only 40 cases releasing). Limit  2 bottles per person.








What is a Crowler? It is an alternative to the growler -a can that can be sealed on the spot, ensuring the beer will stay fresher longer. If a growler gives you two, maybe three days of relative freshness, you can count on the Crowler for double that. Or more. In fact, theoretically, it could last for weeks or months. Take it boating, camping, or anywhere for that matter. 

The advantages, however, are many. Cans are more portable, are welcome in places like public swimming pools where glass is not, and they aren’t prone to contamination, which spoils the beer’s flavor. Crowlers also don’t allow light in, another beer killer.

And when you’re done, you don’t have to wash the growler and tote it back and forth to the brewery – you just recycle the can and go on with your life.