Workshop- Homebrewing 4

Homebrewing4 5.26.18.png
Homebrewing4 5.26.18.png

Workshop- Homebrewing 4


Saturday May 26, 2018

Homebrewing 4: Advanced
Bruz Beers’ Advanced Brewing workshop is designed for the advanced
homebrewer looking to take his or her brewing to a higher level. During the
process of making a decoction-mashed lager, you will learn:
 Recipe development and fine-tuning
 Brewing ales and lagers
 Advanced mashing techniques, including Step-, Decoction- and Cereal-
 Water chemistry and adjusting brewing water
 Yeast strains and yeast performance
 Managing temperature and pH
 Achieving beer clarity
 Carbonation and conditioning beer
 Wood-aged beers and sour beers
 Troubleshooting common problems

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