Jagged Twilight was inspired by Twilight Peak, the highest summit in the jagged West Needle mountains in Western Colorado.  Five malts, a generous portion of dark candi syrup and Trappist yeast create a malty full-bodied brew with notes of stone fruits, raisins, dates and a touch of chocolate. Rich sweetness gives way to a dry finish that lingers – inviting the next sip. Settle in by the fire with a goblet of Jagged Twilight, or enjoy it any time you want to feel on top of the world.


APPEARANCE: Deep amber with a rocky tan head

ABV: 11.6%

IBUs: 28


FOOD PAIRINGS: Jagged Twilight goes well with hearty stews and braised dishes, full-flavored poultry dishes and flavorful cheeses like aged Gouda, sharp Cheddar and any of the Trappist monastery cheeses.